Hi, I’m Neeli. And this is my daughter, Annadelle.

I’m a wife, a mom, and a God-fearing woman chronicling my life online. If I had to describe myself in one minute or less, I’d make sure to mention I’m an advocate for justice reform, I have an unhealthy obsession with Starbucks coffee, Game of Thrones, and doggos, and that I’m learning how to function after my daughter’s diagnosis of Acute Flaccid Myelitis.

I created this blog in order to keep track of Annadelle’s recovery progress, not only for my own records but also with the hope I can help other parents dealing with the same diagnosis. 

If you aren’t familiar with Acute Flaccid Myelitis (AFM), it is a very rare neurological disorder affecting less than 600 people in the world. AFM usually presents with back and/or neck pain, headache, fever, and can eventually lead to paralysis. This is due to the development of lesions on the myelin sheath of the spine, blocking messages sent from the brain to the rest of the body. The degree of paralysis is different in every patient. In Annadelle’s case, she was paralyzed from the neck down.

Little is known regarding the causes or treatment of AFM. Recovery rates of victims differ significantly- some patients make a full recovery while others may not recover at all. We are believing in God to heal Annadelle completely, as we know He will use our story as a testimony to many others. 

I’ve tried my best to organize this blog so that it’s easy to navigate. You’ll see where I’ve added in categories and tags to include “Acute Flaccid Myelitis” or “pediatric spinal cord injury”. You’ll also see where I’ve added in “Transverse Myelitis”. While TM and AFM are similar in nature, the diagnosis is definitely different. ***Annadelle’s case has been confirmed as AFM by the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) as of November of 2018.

Thanks for stopping by my little portion of the internet. I hope you stick around a while.

Why #annadelleyeah?

Find Annadelle’s story across social media by searching the hashtag #annadelleyeah 

#annadelleyeah was created by our friends, Matt & Nicole Watson, to share Annadelle’s story and raise money for her expenses through a GoFundMe account set up by Nicole.

Matt and Nicole also created the #annadelleyeah challenge in an effort to encourage donations to the GoFundMe. Find out more about the challenge by watching this video.

How can I help?

We have been inundated with offers of support from friends, family, and even strangers. Each day I receive new messages and friend requests from folks who have found our story and want to show some love to Annadelle and our family, so I’d like to toss out a few ways you can show your support if you feel led to.

Funds donated through GoFundMe are being used to provide Annadelle with the care she needs and is also allowing us to pay our regular bills while we are with her in the hospital and on through rehab.

We are using a portion of the money donated to give back to the Ronald McDonald House Charities. RMHC of Mobile has been kind enough to allow us a low-cost place to stay as we have endured this struggle. 

The button above will take you to the Amazon Wish List of the RMHC of Mobile. Items purchased from the wish list will be sent directly to the facility to help the numerous families whose children are receiving treatment in Mobile.

Purchase your choice of two decals to help support Princess Annadelle. Decals are $8 a piece (Package C has two decals so it’s $16.) Purchase directions are below:

1. Follow the below link
2. On PayPal link, in notes section list the following:
•Package letter (A is one hashtag decal, B is one princess decal and C is one of each hashtag and princess decal) 
•Quantity number (one decal comes in each package)
•Mailing address

Important! Do NOT click goods and services. Christy Buckner is donating her time to create these special lavender decals to help show her support for Princess Annadelle. After production cost, all remaining proceeds will go directly to Princess Annadelle’s medical expenses.

Once your order is placed, Christy is notified and will begin creating your decal package. Afterwards, it will be mailed directly to you. Decal application Instructions are provided in your mailing. Thank you! 

We believe prayer has the power to change the worst diagnosis. If you could say a sweet prayer for our baby girl, we’d be forever grateful. 

Have questions?

If you have any questions that I haven’t answered on this page or blog posts, contact me!