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March 29, 2020 Quarantine

I don’t know how real bloggers do it. You know, the updating frequently and all the SEO and tagging and marketing and all that? Yeah, I can’t even bring myself to post regularly and keep up with interesting photos…hence the reason this blog is not monetized. But I thought it might be important to give an update right now considering we are living through Coronageddon.

Functioning as a special needs parent during the coronavirus pandemic has me on edge 24/7. My hands are (quite literally) bleeding from washing them so much. My average amount of sleep per night went from around 7 hours before Coronapocalypse to around 4 now. Our teenager is trying to eat everything in the entire house within a 5 day time span. We can’t find any freakin’ toilet paper. I think it’s safe to say we are not okay.

Whether you believe the whole pandemic is a joke or not, please understand that we special needs parents simply can’t afford to take the chance. We’ve spent far too much time worrying about so many other things and adding COVID-19 to the list is pretty damn exhausting, if I’m being honest. Y’all, I’m so over it. I yearn for the day again where I can feel confident that a quick trip to the grocery store isn’t putting my child’s life at risk.

We’re trying our hardest to stay at home despite the fact that I have to work. I am struggling with whether or not to go ahead and take leave in order to keep from getting sick (and thus bringing it home to Annadelle). If I do that, I only get 3/4 of my pay. I am the only person working in my household right now and we are already struggling due to so many rental cancellations after the beaches closed, so I am holding off on decreasing our income even more. Truth is I can’t afford to do it, but I also can’t afford for Annadelle to get sick. It’s a very hard decision. If Annadelle did not already have breathing issues, I would not worry about it so much, but I am just a huge worry wort right now.

To pass the time at home, we are finishing up a few household projects, playing games, swimming, and Annadelle is riding the fire out of her Barbie Camper. We live in a very small house that is getting smaller by the minute during quarantine!

Annadelle riding her Barbie camper around our neighborhood.
If “unbothered” was a photo.
Annadelle, Dad, and brother Hayden swimming

We’ve also been working over at the camper lot to move a few of the stones around and make the yard more appealing. We discovered there was a ton of white rock under the flower bed, so we dug it up and used it to make a path to the outdoor shower. Annadelle helped by digging up some of the rocks.

Annadelle helping to dig up rocks for the new outdoor shower path
Annadelle posing for a photo while getting outside in her walker

Because we aren’t able to go to physical or occupational therapy right now, Chris has been trying to get Annadelle in her walker as much as possible while I am at work. I also try to remember to do the STEM on her nightly, but I am so exhausted after making dinner and doing my own school work that I forget a lot.

I also forgot to update that Annadelle celebrated her 7th birthday back on the 14th of March. It was one of our first days in quarantine so we weren’t able to do much, but we did make her a cake and bought her a teepee (she had been making her own forts so we got the tent. It was the best $40 I’ve ever spent on Amazon.). We also promised her that once Coronageddon is over with, we’ll take her to eat and have some fun with a few of her classmates. So far she knows she wants to go eat Mexican food (and if I’m being honest, I sure do miss some cheese dip right about now).

Annadelle helped me make her a vanilla cake with pink icing (and unicorn decor)
Annadelle loves her new teepee she got for her birthday.

If you’re reading, I’d ask that you say a little prayer for our family. We’d ask that you pray specifically for Annadelle’s healing and that God open doors on Chris’ job hunt. Thanks for keeping up with Annadelle’s story.