March 7, 2019 Answered Prayers

Have I ever told you I’m not a morning person? Well, I’m not. I’ve never been one to get up at the crack of dawn and pour myself a cup of joe with a smile on my face. Quite the contrary, actually. I hobble out of bed and to the coffee maker, my hair looking like I just stuck my finger in a light socket and my face looking like Maxine from the column in the Sunday morning papers.

Even though Annadelle’s therapy doesn’t start until 9:30am, we still have an early start. Getting her dressed is a task in itself so we have been practicing letting her put on her own shirt, socks, and shoes. She does pretty well as long as we place the peanut ball in front of her to rest her arms on. Her legs are a different story- getting pants on this child is about like trying to put a cat in water. After she’s dressed, we do her morning supplement routine, brush her hair, brush her teeth, transfer her to the chair, gather all her stuff for therapy, feed her, and then get dressed ourselves. It’s rough, y’all.

Getting used to our new routine has me a bit anxious. I find myself clenching my teeth on the ride over to Fairhope; I have to remind myself to relax as I imagine all the possibilities of how this day could go.

I calm down a bit once we get to therapy and meet Pam, one of our new therapists. Apparently we will be rotating between 4 therapists which is no problem for Annadelle. She adapts well no matter who the therapist is, although she performs better with one that doesn’t cut her any slack. If you give her an inch in therapy, she takes a mile. It means we have to stay on her to push through. She normally does so with minimal complaints.

Pam and another therapist whose name I didn’t get decided to put Annadelle in a Lite Gait trainer and let her walk a bit. This is very similar to what we did at KKI, but they don’t put her on a treadmill here. They just let her walk around the room. Chris and I have decided to build a similar contraption (much cheaper, obviously) and place it over a treadmill for her to practice at home. We believe this repetitive walking is what helped her the most at KKI and we hope it does at home, as well.

As she was walking, we noticed she was taking large steps with her right leg and pushing down on her left leg. If you recall a post of mine from just a few days ago, she wasn’t doing that at all! Chris and I looked at each other, then back at her, and at each other again. Over and over we did this until we realized we weren’t imagining it. She was taking steps with her right leg. They aren’t as large of steps as she can do with her left, but it is an obvious improvement from even a few days ago. The pushing down on her left leg was an improvement, as well. It was a small one, but an improvement nonetheless. It really is answered prayers.

Because we know the power of prayer works, we are asking our friends far and wide to continue to pray fervently for improvement in her legs. Jeremiah 29:12 says, “Then you will call upon me and come and pray to me, and I will hear you.” I am calling to Him and ask that you do, too, so that our sweet girl may walk again. The God I know can do anything without limitations and that is exactly what I am trusting in Him to do- to completely heal our baby girl and bring her the quality of life she once enjoyed.

Today we received the Healertech FlexrGo! biofeedback device we ordered a few days ago. I opened the boxes and charged each sensor which took quite a while. I wasn’t able to experiment it much due to waiting for them to charge.

Once we got home from my mom’s tonight, I saw the sensors had charged so I put them on Annadelle to test it out. Here are two screenshots from the measurements taken on her biceps.

Although I wasn’t able to explore the device more tonight, I am pretty impressed with all the data available. I am going to play with it some more over the next few days to do a full review of what the device can do and how it should help us in our decision to complete a nerve transfer.

Other than therapy this morning and playing with the FlexrGo! tonight, we haven’t done much today. I’m hoping we get more into the groove of things soon so that we can be a bit more productive during the day. We’re still unpacking and downsizing our things which is taking much longer than we anticipated, but hopefully the end result will be worth it.

Thank you so much for the continued support and love. We do ask that you send up a prayer for Annadelle, specifically that her leg strength continue to improve so that she can walk again!

1 thought on “March 7, 2019 Answered Prayers

  1. Chris & Shannon Wagner

    Hallelujah! Praise the LORD 😇.

    GOD, YOU are so awesome!

    Thank YOU for answered prayers in YOUR timing as YOUR ways are not our ways, but YOU are FAITHFUL 💞

    Continue YOUR healing touch on the Falkner Family and show YOUR GLORY through Precious Princess Annadelle in JESUS Name 😇

    We love you guys 🤗💞
    Chris & Shannon



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