January 17, 2019 Movie Night

Annadelle is fast asleep after a long, productive day of therapy and the all-anticipated movie night with her roomies. Bless her heart. She was so tired that she didn’t even make it through the first sentence of bedtime prayers.

I didn’t have a chance to update last night because it was so late when I got back to the room. Wednesday was busy, too, even into the dinner hour, so by the time I made it to the room I crashed.

The first part of the day yesterday was more therapy as usual. Annadelle used a large robotic arm in OT that helped to evaluate what all she could do with her upper arms. I left feeling disappointed because I thought she was doing a lot more with her upper arms than what she is, but it is actually her shoulder that is doing most of the work. Her biceps and triceps are still extremely weak on both arms.

After therapy, she was treated to a trip to the aquarium with two of her friends from KKI. The recreational therapy department here is really awesome and it is obvious that they really care about the kids. Annadelle’s favorite part of the trip was seeing the dolphins and jellies.

After the aquarium trip, we took Annadelle to the playroom with her friends and went on a parent trip to Target. We only had a limited amount of time to get everything we needed and get back to the shuttle so it felt a lot like the supermarket sweep gameshow I watched as a kid. We were exhausted by the time we made it back to the shuttle but we had fun. It felt like normalcy again even if for a brief second. I got my boo bear some lights to hang in her room similar to what Francisco and Matthew have, and of course we got her a blind bag. She was so excited to see her surprise when we got back.

Today’s activities didn’t last as long, but it was still a busy day. We have been trying to fit in schooling sessions between therapies. Sometimes she is all for it but other times not so much. She is very behind in school since we have been in the hospital so long and I am trying my best to catch her up. I don’t want her to get back to school and feel like an outcast since she isn’t reading like the other kids. We are still working on learning all of her letters and sounds, recognizing her numbers and learning her sight words. I have been printing out letter sheets and working on writing them with her, circling pictures of items that start with certain letters, etc. The photo pictured above is her playing Go Fish with number cards in an attempt to learn all of her numbers. I haven’t done much with the ten frames but hope to be able to go back to the store to get a few more supplies to be able to work on that here in her room.

Therapy today, especially the afternoon therapies, went very well. Miss Courtney out Annadelle on the adaptable tricycle and let her work her legs. We were blown away by how well she did considering when they put her on it during our stay in Birmingham, she wasn’t able to use any of her legs to peddle. She still needed a tad bit of help from Courtney, but overall she moved the tricycle on her own.

OT was a bit more difficult when Miss Lisa had her use the arm bike. Her muscles seemed to tire out very quickly and she began to cry a few times, but we encouraged her to push through it. She is such a trooper when it comes to pain and manages it very well. At the end of the session, Annadelle got to ring the bell in the gym showing that she completed a new or difficult task. That is two days in a row that she has gotten to ring the bell so she was very excited about that.

We haven’t received our schedules for tomorrow yet. They normally bring them in pretty late. I may not update tomorrow depending on how busy our schedule is.

As usual, thank you for all of the support, encouragement, and prayers for our sweet girl.

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