January 6, 2019 Baltimore

After two days of traveling, we finally made it to Baltimore. The trip itself wasn’t too bad. We didn’t stop any more than we usually would have and Annadelle traveled pretty well. It helped that the car we are borrowing has a DVD player Annadelle can watch from the back seat, so she spent a lot of time watching Despicable Me 2 and Hotel Transylvania 3.

When we arrived in Baltimore, we went straight to the AirBNB we had reserved from tonight until Thursday morning. We weren’t sure if a room would be available at RMHC of Baltimore or a place called the Children’s House, which is kind of like RMHC but is sponsored by Johns Hopkins Hospital. They had told us we would hear about a room 72 hours in advance, but we never heard anything. I ended up calling to check on the status of a room today and learned the earliest a room will be available for us might be Thursday. We have been on a waiting list at both places so here we go again with a room situation. It is harder for us this time because only one of us can stay in the room with her at KKI, so the other has to have a place to sleep overnight, unlike when we were in Birmingham and we both just stayed in the room with her.

Anyway, when we walked in the AirBNB we noticed an overwhelming smell of cat urine. I am extremely allergic to cats and immediately began sneezing when we walked in, together with a runny nose. Chris is allergic, too, so we knew there was no way we could stay there. We ended up booking a room at the Holiday Inn Express where Chris is an IHG Rewards member. We were able to get a slightly discounted room price, but it was still $100 for the night, as compared to the AirBNB I had reserved totaling $300 for 4 nights. Oh well, I guess you get what you pay for.

The AirBNB host had also listed the properly as handicap accessible, but Annadelle’s wheelchair could not even fit down the hallway to get in to the bedrooms. See the photo below.

Her wheelchair is relatively small as it is, but even its small size didn’t help when trying to get down this hallway. I have never seen such a tiny hallway in all my life.

I have contacted the host requesting a refund since the listing is obviously not handicap accessible, but we may end up losing the money we spent. Chris isn’t too happy.

After we finally got settled in to our room at the Holiday Inn Express, we took the shuttle to the Inner Harbor to find something to eat for dinner. It is super cold in Baltimore so we didn’t spend much time out and about. We want our beach weather back!

Baltimore itself is really beautiful. I’m glad we get to experience a new city but sad to think it isn’t on our own terms. There are so many places we would love to explore but we know we likely won’t get a chance.

We did get to experience eating at Dick’s for the first time, though. Annadelle loved one of the servers who made her this hat.

I will continue to update on Annadelle’s progress over the next few weeks while we are in Baltimore. Please pray for us that we have a much better experience than what we have had today. We need some uplifting and love.

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