January 3, 2019 New Year, New Annadelle

I have never been so ready for a year to come to an end. 2018 really wasn’t our year, that’s for sure. We aren’t focusing on what was, but what is yet to be… and that is a daggum great 2019.

We started the year off with a few rounds of physical and occupational therapy at USACW therapy services, over an hour drive from our home in Orange Beach. We are thankful for the opportunity to receive therapy every day, but the long drive is hard for us.

We have been trying to do as much therapy at home with her as possible. For Christmas she got the ginormous Barbie camper so we have been letting her ride that whenever the weather permits. It is helping her to use her left arm more by having to steer it and also her right leg when using the gas pedal.

Today was a great day of therapy for Annadelle. Miss Aly did some e-stim on Annadelle’s left arm and she tolerated it really well compared to what she did in Birmingham. I took some photos of where to place the “tickle stickers” so we can do some e-stim at home with a unit my mother gave us. She said she had one from when she had shoulder surgery, which is great for us since we have had such a hard time getting our doctor to prescribe us one. We were told they don’t like to prescribe them for home use because they want a trained professional to administer it. :::eyeroll:::

In PT, Miss Cameron said she believed Annadelle’s right quad and hip flexor muscles are firing. She said she also believed her left foot was firing, too, but she couldn’t be for sure about that one. She explained that there is something called an asynchronous contraction (although I may have that word wrong, who knows) where the muscle fires in conjunction with another muscle. In simple terms, the muscle fires with the help of another muscle at the same time. She said that can be possible with these types of demyelinating diseases- that the muscle returns as a asynchronous contraction, then you must work on isolating that muscle movement.

If her anterior tibialis (the muscle in her left foot) is not working, we are hoping that e-stim is going to help “wake up” the muscle. E-stim works by electronically stimulating the muscle. The idea is that the stimulation will trick the brain into making the connection and stimulating the muscle without the electrode. It can be painful depending on the setting and how much the muscle is firing on its own, if any.

The “tickle stickers” from the e-stim unit being used on Annadelle’s left arm

So, to recap, if Miss Cameron is right about these muscles firing, that means ALL of her muscles in her body are firing!!!!

Did you hear me? That’s an answered prayer, y’all. Matthew 21:22 tells us, “And if you believe, you will receive whatever you ask for in prayer.” Well, we have believed, and we have received!

We are still waiting for a confirmation on whether or not we will be going inpatient to KKI. KKI said they submitted a request for benefits to our insurance yesterday, but our BCBS case worker told us nothing has been received as of this afternoon. We are praying for BCBS to receive it and approve it by tomorrow because if we are going to make it to Baltimore on Monday, we have to leave Saturday around lunch.

We have reserved an AirBNB close to KKI from Sun-Wed since we have not heard whether or not a room at the Ronald McDonald house will be available. We know God will work all of this out so I am not stressing.

Dr. Maertens told us Annadelle needed to lose some weight, so we have placed her on a low carb diet. She hasn’t complained too much about it yet. Nicole came over today and made a comment that Annadelle looked like she had lost some weight, so it is obvious she is having some success. Maertens said losing weight would help her in therapy and make it easier for her to move.

Annadelle requested we take her to see Mary Poppins Returns this week, so we did. She never used to like going to the movies but now she does. She didn’t like sitting in the wheelchair accessible space provided and had us carry her up to a regular seat. She did pretty well. I am praying for a day when she no longer needs the wheelchair.

Other than that, I don’t have many updates. Please continue to pray and believe with us for a full recovery. As always, thank you for the continued support. We are forever grateful!

2 thoughts on “January 3, 2019 New Year, New Annadelle

  1. Chris & Shannon Wagner

    Way to go Annadelle! We’re so incredibly proud of you and your accomplishments!

    Here’s to a great 2019! It was definitely nice to close 2018 for sure 😊

    We love you guys 💕

    Chris & Shannon



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