December 8, 2018 Orange Beach

Our first day of our 48-hour leave has been a welcomed change to our recent routine.

We left Birmingham yesterday around 3:45 pm but didn’t arrive in Orange Beach until almost 10:00 pm. We had to stop several times because Annadelle was uncomfortable and also to eat. We aren’t able to eat on the go anymore because Annadelle has trouble holding food in her lap in the car. She also has trouble reaching her arm up to her mouth comfortably. Now we know our long travel times will be much longer than what we are used to.

Once we got home, I discovered Chris had secretly been talking with Nicole planning something special for our arrival. She had gotten a key to our home and spent several days rearranging and decorating for Christmas, something I thought we would not be able to do since we were in Birmingham. I was so surprised to see how beautiful decorated our house was.

It amazed me how she had taken so much of my “junk” and arranged it to where it was so welcoming and inviting. She really has a knack for design.

See how she took some old closet doors and made this farmhouse-chic arrangement?

Or how about using our old cedar chest to make this festive scene?

She and her family had also put up our Christmas tree and adorned it with ornaments made by Annadelle’s classmates. She even brought Annie the Elf out and stuck her on the tree.

As I walked around our house, I stopped to look at the calendar I keep on our fridge. I would update it every day and let Annadelle place an X on each day as it passed. I cried as I saw how October 1 had not been crossed out because that was the day we went to the hospital in Mobile. There are even notes of how much medicine we had given Annadelle the night before, a reminder of the days I hold so much regret about. I constantly ask myself why we didn’t take her to Mobile earlier than we did, because maybe if we did she would not have been affected to the extent that she is. What if they had started steroids earlier? Would the outcome have been the same? It will be a question I will never forgive myself for, especially now as I watch her interact with other children her age and see how easily they can run and play. We have such a long road to go. This trip home has made me realize just how many limitations she has now.

Although I am sad to see how much our lives has changed, I realize we are so blessed to still have her with us. I know God has been very present during this whole ordeal and I trust that He will bring us through it.

Today was filled with fun as we rode over to the Flora Bama to meet Nicole and family and see Santa. The kids were able to do a few crafts and get their faces painted, and of course talk to Santa.

We also went to eat lunch together, then headed back to our house. We ate dinner with my mom who had prepared an awesome home cooked meal for us. Once we got back to the house, Nicole and family came by for a visit. They left after a few hours and now we are sitting here in our living room watching Netflix, something I treasure now. It really is the little things in life.

Tomorrow afternoon we will have to head back to Birmingham for another week of therapy. We have been approved until at least Friday, then doctors will re-evaluate and determine if another week of day treatment will be beneficial. I personally believe they will approve us until at least the 21st, then send us home due to the fact staffing will be limited during the week of Christmas. That would allow us to spend Christmas at home.

In January, we will be heading to KKI in Baltimore for inpatient treatment. I will update more about that as we know more.

Thank you for all of the continued support. I don’t know how to thank everyone properly so I hope if you’re reading, you know how sincere I am.

If you’re the praying type, please pray specifically that Annadelle be able to walk again.

1 thought on “December 8, 2018 Orange Beach

  1. Chris & Shannon Wagner

    GLORY to GOD 😇 …

    Thank YOU LORD for taking such great care of Princess Annadelle and our dear brother and sister, Chris & Neeli.

    May YOU continue to strengthen them and provide their every need, in JESUS Name, Amen 🙏💕



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