November 2, 2018

The following text has been copied from a Facebook post on my personal profile that has now been set to private. It is part of a series of posts providing details about the first part of my daughter’s fight with Transverse Myelitis. 

Words can’t describe how proud I am of my punkin’ today!

PT/OT came in to work with her and she rocked it! She sat up on the side of the bed for FIVE minutes. The longest she could do a few weeks ago was one minute without supporting her own head. Today she held her head up all on her own!!! This is a huge step for her.

Her oxygen levels have gone up and down a bit today as she still has some junk in her chest, but we are working hard to get it out of there.

Thank you to everyone for continued prayers, and of course I ask for them again. We have a long road to go.

Dr. Vidal and Speech Therapy gave her the OK to eat a few soft foods and chocolate milk over the weekend. Nurse Christy was so surprised to see how much she has progressed since she was last working.

We aren’t out of the woods by any means, so we do ask for many more prayers! Thank you for all of the support. 😘

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