October 17, 2018

The following text has been copied from a Facebook post on my personal profile that has now been set to private. It is part of a series of posts providing details about the first part of my daughter’s fight with Transverse Myelitis. 

Seventeen days at the hospital, 16 of them in PICU, and we are beginning to see God’s promises come to light.

Annadelle’s lab numbers have all returned to normal, meaning her PCO2, white blood cell count, etc. is all within a normal range.

Within the last 20 minutes, doctors have ordered she be placed on pressure support. This essentially takes her off the vent and makes her breathe on her own for a bit to strengthen muscles she may not have used much this week. I was told it is not unusual to be taken off pressure support for a bit and putting her back on later, almost like training for a marathon. She is only at 40% oxygen, as well. The minimum is 30%.

The PA told us that right now we are just waiting for the cold to subside before removing the ventilator, although it could be another week or so before that happens.

Even though we have received good news this morning, we still have a long road ahead. Please continue to pray, pray, and pray some more for my sweet girl.

Annadelle has done relatively well today.

She was off the vent for about an hour, but they say that is normal. Like training for a marathon, she will likely do a little more and more each day. When your body is so used to the vent breathing for you, you have to retrain it to breathe on your own again.

Blood gases are still within normal range. Her CO2 came down from 44 to 42. We were worried it might be rising again because she seemed to be breathing much harder earlier today, but once again God’s promises continue. We have prayed for continual improvement and know that God will provide.

Annadelle was so excited to see herself on the news tonight. They will be doing a longer story at 10:00pm but I am not sure if she will see it. She usually falls asleep shortly after they do suction.

Thank you to everyone who has continued to support us on this long road. We truly don’t know how to say thank you enough!

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